Custom Acoustic

From boomy bass to poor sound-staging, acoustic issues can wreck the audio experience. Aural Exchange has both the expertise and the tools to solve all your audio issues. We have seen expensive audio equipment placed in a room that is entire of hardwood floors, brick walls, plywood, gypsum, and glass throughout.

The effect is a highly muddled, boomy, echoing, fluttering listening experience with generally disappointing sound quality. Ever wonder why speakers sound better (clearer highs and tighter bass response) in the store showroom than they do at home?

The answer is the room. This is why AV stores always take you into a special listening room to test the speakers; it is an acoustically tuned space! Sound N Video can help you bring that experience home.

The ultimate home theater experience begins with the audio-visual electronics, but it should end with a small investment to take advantage of the incredible power of a proper acoustic treatement. Your speakers will sound better, surround sound will feel more alive, and the subtleties of the film soundtrack will stand out like never before. 

How do Sound N Video’s solutions create this effect? 

Our sound absorption products absorb mid and high-frequency sound waves that, in many home theaters, bounce around the room causing a build up of echo and reverberation, muddying the sound.