Home Automation Solution

We are essentially living in a technology-driven smart age. If the science of the internet was not enough, the modern world has been revolutionized by the state-of-art know-how of automation.

So what is automation? It is an integrated use of sensory systems, automatic actuating services and feedback control loops.

Automation is the new science that has brought the age of smart homes, smart hotels and smart offices.

100% Retrofitting

Our services and products are aimed at transforming the interiors of any house, office or hotel into an ultra-luxurious and smart ambience. Inmates can control aspects around with just a mere voice command.

Now changing or upgrading to an improved automation system can be done in a jiffy. Your current home décor, electrical fittings and electrical layout will be no hindrance to the project. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure a quick and easy installation of smart touch switches, Alexa voice-controlled interior manoeuvring, and other smart home automated solutions.

Experience unparalleled convenience

Whether it is a home ambience, office surroundings or a luxurious hotel, the facility of being able to control electrical fittings, curtains, window rollers, swing doors, room illumination colours, etc is simply fabulous. Now you do not need to move from your place to make any changes in your surrounding ambience. Interior décor never got any more elite!

At Sound N Video we aim to bring maximum advantage and a feeling of luxurious panache to our clients. Hence our Wifi home Automation and hotel room automation features are aimed at making your immediate environment super stylish, chic and ultra-convenient.

In short, this kind of ambience can bring more than just style and elite surroundings. It can be a huge support for families where all the members of the family are out on work for most of the time in a day or even in families which has physically disabled members.